El Negocito  
El Negocito is a meetingplace for Chilenos, Latinos, Belgians and whoever shows up at 'het Zuid' in Ghent and stands for a homely atmosphere and a simple but tasty Chilean cuisine.

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piano met dank aan



the last weeks were our busiest days for food probably, and a good reason to thank all the people that have worked for us over these 11 intense years, we will miss them...
because we are closed from the 17th of december as El Negocito with the Chilean story,
we have to salute all of our cooks, they were tremendous.
A little survey listed our 3 favourite ones, but of course they are all special. Number one: Pinocchio, number two: Isabella and on number three we have Juanca.

We miss Tom.... too


que te vaya bien

El Nego



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